Here’s How It Goes

Here’s how it goes. It goes the same way every time there’s a new Columbine.

1. People are aghast. In shock. How could anybody do such a thing – just walk into a Wal-Mart and buy a fucking rocket launcher and then start blowing the shit out of things – and people?

2. Stick at #1 a long time. Have long repeated maudlin exercises where boo-hoo people babble and cry a river. Better still if you have ‘America the Beautiful’ playing softly in the background. Or soundtrack music from any one of thousands of US military sponsored killing movies.

3. Point fingers. First it’s the crazies. Why are they let out? The wacko with the rocket launcher – yeah the news organisations can dig into that for a while. Visit childhood friends. They’re not really working on a story – they’re only filling the air waves and broadsheet and web real estate with more bullshit. ‘This is Moron P Snyder reporting from Whatthefuck Mississippi for AK-47 News.’

Then it’s the wackos in general. There are a lot of thoroughbred wackos in the US so it’s easy to find targets. Get pics of them proudly holding up their one man army machines – the same ones they used on those weekend KKK family picnics for target practice shooting jews, niggers, terrorists.

Then it’s the gun situation itself. Keep repeating: ‘guns don’t kill – people do’. Keep it up.

Then point out that you at least are responsible citizens. Because you keep your own rocket launchers in one room and your year’s supply of rocket shells in the family size boxes in another room under lock and key where your underage imbecilic offspring can’t get at them.

Then start citing facts like how the Swiss are all members of their own national guard and all have to have weapons in their homes and they don’t go shooting up banks and people!!1!

Then talk about your stupid fucking bloody 2nd amendment. Like this is really something special or something. The people in Arizona HOARD weapons. They’ve been doing it for eons. Their original excuse? The Russians are coming. No shit. The Russians were going to attack with submarines off the coast of LA and then move inland on Harley Davidsons. Or something.

Or the US national guard come down on a township with their Apache helicopters and Abrams tanks and who knows what else and yeah, Billy-Bob, you’re gonna defeat them with your Smith & Wesson! Good thinking – you fucking moron.

Get help from the libertarians. They believe in no government, no administration, that things will just automatically miraculously work by themselves. As they sit in the splendour of their government-funded homes and barf out their breakfast day after day.

Above all else, keep this phase of the recovery process going as long as possible: the objective is to wear people the fuck out – so they grow really tired of the whole thing and above all so they forget why they’re discussing it in the first place.

For make no mistake about it: they will forget. That’s the whole point.

4. Move on. Wait for the next Columbine. It’ll be around shortly.


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