They raise their kids on cowboy movies. On space wars movies. They give them toys that fight. And kill. And make war with each other. This is normal?

Play has an important ethnological function. It’s the way the new generation learn how to do the things – the work – the old generation do. Boys emulate their fathers and girls emulate their mothers. They imitate what the older people around them do.

Kids over there don’t have their parents or neighbours around anymore. The parents go off to work and the kids are set in schools where they learn to spell, to count, to memorise important historical dates about the big war battles, and so forth. And there are no role models in the schools. Their teachers are either overeager and underpaid or – in some countries – totally inappropriate as in those countries the teachers get paid obscenely well and consequently the teachers suck.

Just like the other day in Everwood where the nine year old daughter of Treat Williams is told something about her body by the neighbour lady. Treat is furious. How could you teach my daughter something about her body? The scriptwriters are equivocal: on the one hand they want to portray Treat as flawed; on the other, they want to show Treat as a concerned parent who really wonders if his nine year old daughter should know anything about her own body.

Her own body. That thing she sees when she looks down. That thing that is growing inside her. That thing that is her. She shouldn’t know too much about that – or should she? Let’s debate it for a while! And all the while: the poor nine year old girl is terrified to the core because things are starting to happen and she has no idea what they are and they scare her shitless.

And in the midst of all that: her father, the scriptwriters, and the society as a whole seriously debate whether they should keep that poor girl in that state of terror? As if it’s possibly immoral in that country over there to free children from terror?

These are big questions. Thank goodness they’re only big in certain parts of the world.

Kids don’t have to grow up with transformers and monsters that shoot and single shooter computer games and ‘bang bang bang’ all over the place. Kids get the wrong role models. Instead of learning something substantial about their fucked up parents, they learn how to emulate warmongers and their bitches.

Societies that scorn sex but glorify violence. Societies where kids can get busted for fucking in the bushes but any whack-job can at any time walk into a store anywhere and walk out five minutes later with a COMBAT WEAPON with ammunition that’s only good for killing human beings.

Societies that teach children indirectly that murder is good – and that consequently their own lives aren’t worth very much. The murder starts at the dinner table. Eating habits are established that have no place in human history, habits that subsequently become difficult to break once the truth is known. What’s that slab of red something on my plate? Cover it with a sauce and try to eat it and later this week I’ll take you to a slaughterhouse so you can watch cute animals get their throats cut.

Then we can look at the chicken farms – and listen to the cacophony of those poor animals living in an animal hell, trapped in small cages so they can’t move around – slavery was bad? So what is this? Colonel Sanders we’re looking at you.

Almost every great thinker the world’s ever known has been a vegetarian. Why? Because carnivorous is unnatural. And because carnivorous brings out all the worst in people. And because vegetarian tastes so much better and is so much healthier. And because the human species on the planet – not to speak of the planet itself – can’t survive much longer with the current regimen.

The fruits and staples of this beautiful planet are taken away from the people who need them. They’re given to animals instead so those animals can be bred and then slaughtered. So corporations can make a lot of money.

It’s criminal, it’s robbery, it doesn’t work, but the corporations doing it don’t care.

They sell unhealthy food to idiot kids who learn to play GI Joe and shoot bad guys in a world where it’s frightening to know anything about your own body and goddamn kid but I’d better not catching you doing you-know-what-but-I-won’t-say in the bushes with that neighbour girl.

There are a lot of good people to emulate. There are a lot of good games kids can play. There are a lot of exciting things kids can eat. There are a lot of exciting ways kids can grow up and learn about the planet they live on. But for now they’re only in books and not part of the consumer society.


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