Wikileaking Nick Davies

Who’s guarding the Guardian?

Nick Davies: what a tool. A couple of days after Julian Assange’s bail hearing he decides to publish his version of something that just happened to cross his desk.

A few words about ‘established journalists’. Most people of today – now that WikiLeaks showed everyone how little you can trust journalists – simply don’t trust them. But how much footwork do journalists like Nick Davies actually do?


Someone sends a scoop to a news organisation. The first thing they do is assign flunkies to do the research. These are the people who call you up. They tell you their people are thinking about writing an article. But no promises. They’ll give their name. They won’t say who’s going to write the actual article because they don’t know. They’ll conduct an interview. And then they’ll put it on the desk of a Nick Davies.

Nick Davies probably had to do work like that when he was starting out. But today he doesn’t want to remember that anymore. Because today he’s Nick Davies. He gets a clump of paper on his desk in his inner sanctum with its rarified air and leather swivel chair and then it’s up to him – at his own haphazard discretion – to page through it all and write some nonsense about it and give it the coveted byline ‘Nick Davies’.

How wonderful. Nick Davies and David Aaronovitch share leather thrones side by side at London’s egregious clubs. Probably with Jeremy Paxman. Bully for them.

Now Nick Davies gets a clump of documents tossed onto his desk by an unknown lover. The documents are in Swedish. They’re sent just as the bail hearings for Assange are about to commence. What admirable timing.

Nick and his boss Alan and others such as David Leigh decide to sit on it for a while. This is the gross miscalculation by the leaker. The leaker – and it’s easy to see who it was – wanted to keep Assange behind bars over the holidays. Nice bit of brotherly love and peace for all. But it didn’t work.

After a few days – once the bail hearings succeed in getting a tagged Assange out of custody – the Nick Davies article appears. How lovely.

Do we see the source documents? No. What we see is selective drivel from Nick Davies. That’s all. Nick Davies later claimed he was being ‘protective’ of Julian. Oh really? Nick Davies who refused to work on the embassy cables – he’s going to suddenly be ‘protective’?

And then he goes attacking Bianca Jagger at – the Huffington Post? Hello? Talk about a loose cannon. Talk about an embarrassment.

Show us, Nick. Show us the original documents. You weasel. You sniveling coward.

The WikiLeaks method has held Nick Davies, Alan Rusbridger, and all the rest at the Guardian by the balls. They at the Guardian can publish whatever they want – but we the people get to compare the Guardian version of the truth with the original source documents from WikiLeaks.

Having access to so many scoops over the years – since 2007 – has meant a lot of money to the Guardian. They’ve made millions off the collaboration. But at the end of the day, they’re still ‘old media’ – they’re the journalists the whole WikiLeaks movement is making obsolete.

The work of collating the leaks – of doing the hard work – is always left to the flunkies. The big names get to write the bylines. With their names on them. They bring in the big bucks. They no more believe in WikiLeaks than Robert Gates or Barack Obama. They’ve ridden the WikiLeaks wave and then when it no longer suits them – or when it directly threatens them – they’ve abandoned it.

WikiLeaks may be a not-for-profit organisation but the Guardian and Nick Davies are not. Truth? Who gives a flying fuck about truth? They want to sell ads! That’s what counts! And guess what? Sleaze sells ads!

The WikiLeaks method discounts the role of the source and concentrates solely on the authenticity of the source documents. So do the WikiLeaks thing here, Nick – give the world the documents that just ‘happened’ to appear on your desk. Give them to us in their original condition. In SWEDISH. Let us – let the world – do the translations, let us discuss them, compare interpretations, and so forth.

We are the people and we demand those documents. And if you can’t or won’t provide them, then you’re a maggot liar.

Tweet to Nick Davies at @bynickdavies and demand he release the documents in original form.


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