Here’s How It Goes

Here’s how it goes. It goes the same way every time there’s a new Columbine.

1. People are aghast. In shock. How could anybody do such a thing – just walk into a Wal-Mart and buy a fucking rocket launcher and then start blowing the shit out of things – and people?

2. Stick at #1 a long time. Have long repeated maudlin exercises where boo-hoo people babble and cry a river. Better still if you have ‘America the Beautiful’ playing softly in the background. Or soundtrack music from any one of thousands of US military sponsored killing movies.

3. Point fingers. First it’s the crazies. Why are they let out? The wacko with the rocket launcher – yeah the news organisations can dig into that for a while. Visit childhood friends. They’re not really working on a story – they’re only filling the air waves and broadsheet and web real estate with more bullshit. ‘This is Moron P Snyder reporting from Whatthefuck Mississippi for AK-47 News.’

Then it’s the wackos in general. There are a lot of thoroughbred wackos in the US so it’s easy to find targets. Get pics of them proudly holding up their one man army machines – the same ones they used on those weekend KKK family picnics for target practice shooting jews, niggers, terrorists.

Then it’s the gun situation itself. Keep repeating: ‘guns don’t kill – people do’. Keep it up.

Then point out that you at least are responsible citizens. Because you keep your own rocket launchers in one room and your year’s supply of rocket shells in the family size boxes in another room under lock and key where your underage imbecilic offspring can’t get at them.

Then start citing facts like how the Swiss are all members of their own national guard and all have to have weapons in their homes and they don’t go shooting up banks and people!!1!

Then talk about your stupid fucking bloody 2nd amendment. Like this is really something special or something. The people in Arizona HOARD weapons. They’ve been doing it for eons. Their original excuse? The Russians are coming. No shit. The Russians were going to attack with submarines off the coast of LA and then move inland on Harley Davidsons. Or something.

Or the US national guard come down on a township with their Apache helicopters and Abrams tanks and who knows what else and yeah, Billy-Bob, you’re gonna defeat them with your Smith & Wesson! Good thinking – you fucking moron.

Get help from the libertarians. They believe in no government, no administration, that things will just automatically miraculously work by themselves. As they sit in the splendour of their government-funded homes and barf out their breakfast day after day.

Above all else, keep this phase of the recovery process going as long as possible: the objective is to wear people the fuck out – so they grow really tired of the whole thing and above all so they forget why they’re discussing it in the first place.

For make no mistake about it: they will forget. That’s the whole point.

4. Move on. Wait for the next Columbine. It’ll be around shortly.

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They raise their kids on cowboy movies. On space wars movies. They give them toys that fight. And kill. And make war with each other. This is normal?

Play has an important ethnological function. It’s the way the new generation learn how to do the things – the work – the old generation do. Boys emulate their fathers and girls emulate their mothers. They imitate what the older people around them do.

Kids over there don’t have their parents or neighbours around anymore. The parents go off to work and the kids are set in schools where they learn to spell, to count, to memorise important historical dates about the big war battles, and so forth. And there are no role models in the schools. Their teachers are either overeager and underpaid or – in some countries – totally inappropriate as in those countries the teachers get paid obscenely well and consequently the teachers suck.

Just like the other day in Everwood where the nine year old daughter of Treat Williams is told something about her body by the neighbour lady. Treat is furious. How could you teach my daughter something about her body? The scriptwriters are equivocal: on the one hand they want to portray Treat as flawed; on the other, they want to show Treat as a concerned parent who really wonders if his nine year old daughter should know anything about her own body.

Her own body. That thing she sees when she looks down. That thing that is growing inside her. That thing that is her. She shouldn’t know too much about that – or should she? Let’s debate it for a while! And all the while: the poor nine year old girl is terrified to the core because things are starting to happen and she has no idea what they are and they scare her shitless.

And in the midst of all that: her father, the scriptwriters, and the society as a whole seriously debate whether they should keep that poor girl in that state of terror? As if it’s possibly immoral in that country over there to free children from terror?

These are big questions. Thank goodness they’re only big in certain parts of the world.

Kids don’t have to grow up with transformers and monsters that shoot and single shooter computer games and ‘bang bang bang’ all over the place. Kids get the wrong role models. Instead of learning something substantial about their fucked up parents, they learn how to emulate warmongers and their bitches.

Societies that scorn sex but glorify violence. Societies where kids can get busted for fucking in the bushes but any whack-job can at any time walk into a store anywhere and walk out five minutes later with a COMBAT WEAPON with ammunition that’s only good for killing human beings.

Societies that teach children indirectly that murder is good – and that consequently their own lives aren’t worth very much. The murder starts at the dinner table. Eating habits are established that have no place in human history, habits that subsequently become difficult to break once the truth is known. What’s that slab of red something on my plate? Cover it with a sauce and try to eat it and later this week I’ll take you to a slaughterhouse so you can watch cute animals get their throats cut.

Then we can look at the chicken farms – and listen to the cacophony of those poor animals living in an animal hell, trapped in small cages so they can’t move around – slavery was bad? So what is this? Colonel Sanders we’re looking at you.

Almost every great thinker the world’s ever known has been a vegetarian. Why? Because carnivorous is unnatural. And because carnivorous brings out all the worst in people. And because vegetarian tastes so much better and is so much healthier. And because the human species on the planet – not to speak of the planet itself – can’t survive much longer with the current regimen.

The fruits and staples of this beautiful planet are taken away from the people who need them. They’re given to animals instead so those animals can be bred and then slaughtered. So corporations can make a lot of money.

It’s criminal, it’s robbery, it doesn’t work, but the corporations doing it don’t care.

They sell unhealthy food to idiot kids who learn to play GI Joe and shoot bad guys in a world where it’s frightening to know anything about your own body and goddamn kid but I’d better not catching you doing you-know-what-but-I-won’t-say in the bushes with that neighbour girl.

There are a lot of good people to emulate. There are a lot of good games kids can play. There are a lot of exciting things kids can eat. There are a lot of exciting ways kids can grow up and learn about the planet they live on. But for now they’re only in books and not part of the consumer society.

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Sex Life of a Swedish Feminist

Let’s be cool here. We don’t know everything about everybody but we do know some things. And we can ask questions too.

We know Julian Assange is embroiled in a real mess in Sweden. Fy fan vilken djävla röra, as the Swedes would say. And it’s Jules against the women – save in the case of Claes Borgström. And there the verdict is out anyway.

The best teachers – the wisest amongst us for any one given profession or call in life – are the ones who’ve succeeded best and had the most experience with whatever they’re trying to teach.

That’s pretty much a given.

And we all know that ‘older people’ don’t regularly have sex. Or so we’re told. So although we can wonder how Margareta Winberg and her boy toy are doing, we needn’t worry too much – they’re pretty much over the hill and most likely into the ‘finer things in life’. Such as doing the Sunday crossword together. Stuff like that.

But vibrant women like Gunilla Ekberg, Ireen von Wacko-head, Eva Lundgren – how about them?

We can read about them at Wikipedia. And there’s a cute site (identification not given) where you can get everything but the final four digits of their social security numbers. Including their addresses, what corporations they run – and if they’re married. And we can use their home addresses as search keys at the same site to see if anyone else is living with them. Cool, innit!

For the ultimate question with Sweden’s frothing feminists always is: what kind of men could put up with that shit?

The theory of course is that no men could put up with it. So let’s look at Wikipedia, that mystery site, and Google images and let the readers of WikiLeaks Bulldogs do the rest – draw their own conclusions.

If you’re going to build a new society, you’d better hope you know what you’re doing. And if you’re explicitly building it on hate, then you need to be really damned careful.


It’s also important to look at the influences on these great thinkers. There are primarily two.

  1. Andrea Dworkin. Here’s some pictures of Andrea. First is a pic of Andrea relaxing on her sofa at home after writing a new treatise on social interaction.

    Here’s another pic of her having a particularly good hair day.

    Finally here’s an artistic interpretation of Andrea Dworkin by an unknown author.

  2. Valerie Solanas. Yes the Valerie Solanas. The internationally acknowledged deranged clinically diagnosed paranoid schizo who tried to murder Andy Warhol because he was too afraid of her to return one of her wacko stage plays. Here she is in the company of New York’s finest.

    And here is Richard Avedon’s photograph from the National Gallery in Australia of what Andy Warhol looked like after his life-saving surgery.

    Solanas has been compared to a lot of kooks including Adolf Hitler: she stands by the same type of fascism throughout her ‘work’. Although comparing her as an author to Hitler is perhaps not fair: Hitler’s ‘writings’ were written by the rather banal Rudolf Hess, so any advantage Solanas might have is not really appropriate.

    What is appropriate is they both seek simple solutions to complex issues from within self-destructive minds.

    People have generally written off Solanas as the biological mistake she was – but not in Sweden where her ‘SCUM Manifesto’ is the mainstay (along with tinfoil stories of secret sects) of the ROKS association.

Eva Lundgren

Eva Lundgren is the basic ‘motor’ behind Swedish feminists. She’s not married, never has been, has probably never had sex – but she sure knows a lot about social relations!

Look into those eyes. Then close your own. And imagine your lips getting closer to hers. Hot, what?

Not exactly.

Nobody in the world believes her wacko shit. Her own university conducted a formal investigation and debunked it – and then saw that most of her million dollar grants for unspecified ‘research’ were stopped.

Ireen von Wacko-Head

Here’s Ireen von Wacko-Head. She used to be the head of ROKS. She swallowed the fascist and freako propaganda of Solanas and Lundgren hook line and sinker and made sure all her followers in ROKS did the same.

Wacko-Head is nearly as big as Dworkin. She supposedly has five children (feel sorry for them) together with a Swedish church minister. There’s only one photograph of her devoted husband online and it’s not particularly revealing but still people have to ask: how many times did the two of them have sex – five? For about the only way it would seem physically possible is if husband Kenneth were lowered onto her with a harness and pulley from a crane. And if she was on top – she would have broken his hip bones to be sure.

Again: not the most reliable source for advice on social relations.

Maggan Winberg

Here’s the ‘lady’ who put it all together. Favoured from an early stage in her career by the social democrats, Winberg totally sucks up the teachings of Dworkin, Solanas, Wacko-Head, and Lundgren. She even calls Lundgren ‘cool!’

Winberg looks almost normal in some of her photos but you have to remember she’s the face on the other wackos who stay behind the scenes. Winberg is responsible for skewing university research in Sweden much as the Nazis did in Germany – starting now, only specific research conclusions are allowed – and they all have to support the ravings of Lundgren, Wacko-Head, Winberg, Dworkin, and Solanas.

That’s the law in Sweden today.

So next time you wonder where the world’s gone off to, how people can be duped to believe the craziest things – look at who’s really responsible. And ask yourself: are such people really in a position to give the rest of us good advice?

Thank you.

I was once told by a rabid feminist that by having a relationship with a man I was letting women down. She suggested I should become a lesbian. It quite put me off women’s groups. Do idiots like this still dominate the feminist movement? (from CatharineH)

You know, I am so sorry you had this experience. ‘Feminism’ such as that is condescending to women, rigid and intrusive. That kind of judgemental behaviour is more and more rare in the face of third wave feminists’ critique of this kind of obnoxious behaviour. (Naomi Wolf Q&A)

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Wikileaking Nick Davies

Who’s guarding the Guardian?

Nick Davies: what a tool. A couple of days after Julian Assange’s bail hearing he decides to publish his version of something that just happened to cross his desk.

A few words about ‘established journalists’. Most people of today – now that WikiLeaks showed everyone how little you can trust journalists – simply don’t trust them. But how much footwork do journalists like Nick Davies actually do?


Someone sends a scoop to a news organisation. The first thing they do is assign flunkies to do the research. These are the people who call you up. They tell you their people are thinking about writing an article. But no promises. They’ll give their name. They won’t say who’s going to write the actual article because they don’t know. They’ll conduct an interview. And then they’ll put it on the desk of a Nick Davies.

Nick Davies probably had to do work like that when he was starting out. But today he doesn’t want to remember that anymore. Because today he’s Nick Davies. He gets a clump of paper on his desk in his inner sanctum with its rarified air and leather swivel chair and then it’s up to him – at his own haphazard discretion – to page through it all and write some nonsense about it and give it the coveted byline ‘Nick Davies’.

How wonderful. Nick Davies and David Aaronovitch share leather thrones side by side at London’s egregious clubs. Probably with Jeremy Paxman. Bully for them.

Now Nick Davies gets a clump of documents tossed onto his desk by an unknown lover. The documents are in Swedish. They’re sent just as the bail hearings for Assange are about to commence. What admirable timing.

Nick and his boss Alan and others such as David Leigh decide to sit on it for a while. This is the gross miscalculation by the leaker. The leaker – and it’s easy to see who it was – wanted to keep Assange behind bars over the holidays. Nice bit of brotherly love and peace for all. But it didn’t work.

After a few days – once the bail hearings succeed in getting a tagged Assange out of custody – the Nick Davies article appears. How lovely.

Do we see the source documents? No. What we see is selective drivel from Nick Davies. That’s all. Nick Davies later claimed he was being ‘protective’ of Julian. Oh really? Nick Davies who refused to work on the embassy cables – he’s going to suddenly be ‘protective’?

And then he goes attacking Bianca Jagger at – the Huffington Post? Hello? Talk about a loose cannon. Talk about an embarrassment.

Show us, Nick. Show us the original documents. You weasel. You sniveling coward.

The WikiLeaks method has held Nick Davies, Alan Rusbridger, and all the rest at the Guardian by the balls. They at the Guardian can publish whatever they want – but we the people get to compare the Guardian version of the truth with the original source documents from WikiLeaks.

Having access to so many scoops over the years – since 2007 – has meant a lot of money to the Guardian. They’ve made millions off the collaboration. But at the end of the day, they’re still ‘old media’ – they’re the journalists the whole WikiLeaks movement is making obsolete.

The work of collating the leaks – of doing the hard work – is always left to the flunkies. The big names get to write the bylines. With their names on them. They bring in the big bucks. They no more believe in WikiLeaks than Robert Gates or Barack Obama. They’ve ridden the WikiLeaks wave and then when it no longer suits them – or when it directly threatens them – they’ve abandoned it.

WikiLeaks may be a not-for-profit organisation but the Guardian and Nick Davies are not. Truth? Who gives a flying fuck about truth? They want to sell ads! That’s what counts! And guess what? Sleaze sells ads!

The WikiLeaks method discounts the role of the source and concentrates solely on the authenticity of the source documents. So do the WikiLeaks thing here, Nick – give the world the documents that just ‘happened’ to appear on your desk. Give them to us in their original condition. In SWEDISH. Let us – let the world – do the translations, let us discuss them, compare interpretations, and so forth.

We are the people and we demand those documents. And if you can’t or won’t provide them, then you’re a maggot liar.

Tweet to Nick Davies at @bynickdavies and demand he release the documents in original form.

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Accepting Submissions

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